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Marty Nelson: Music

I'll Never Love Another (Dashboard Fantasy)

(Marty Nelson)
April 10, 2013
Martin J. Nelson

I’ll Never Love Another (Dashboard Fantasy)

by Marty Nelson


In the dark the screen glows

Like a wave crest under the moon.

My room is cold and I can’t tell the difference

Between my skin and the floor.


It’s been so long since I saw your eyes.

It’s been so long now my nights go by alone

At the dashboard fantasy

Chasing Aether images

Finding I can’t ride the glow

Knowing I’ll never love another.


Oh . . . oh . . . oh.

I’ll never love another.


I can’t stand the silence.

I can’t taste beyond this stale dead air.

So I rise and walk the streets

Like a fool on a dare.


Soon the shadows dance to mock my tears

As the trash from the alleys call . . .


How’s the  dashboard fantasy?

Chasing Aether images?

Finding you can’t ride the glow

Knowing you’ll never love another.


You’ve seen the best. Now see the worst beneath the surface.

You’ve kissed the breast of the earth, now where’s the sweetness?

Come see behind your eyes.

Come here beyond your fears.

Come see the limits that can tempt you to test tomorrow.


I backed out of the alley

And returned to the avenue.

Shaking hard

To clear the nightmare away.


So many turns on these city streets.

Which one took you away . . .


To your dashboard fantasy

Chasing your Aether images

Feeling you couldn’t just ride the glow knowing

I’d never love another.

I’d never love another.

No, I’ll never love another.