Marty Nelson has been writing, producing and performing in the music industry since the 1970's when, as a teenager, he began his career as a founding member of the original "Manhattan Transfer' (Capitol Records). He sang and played on the group's first album, Jukin' and also did vocal arrangements for Bette Midler's debut album recording of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." Marty then became a producer for Lifesong Records where he teamed with Terry Minogue to produce numerous bands, including "Crack the Sky." Over the next 20 years, Marty developed a career as a well-known jingle and back-up singer in NYC. He sang background vocals on a variety of albums including: Frank Sinatra's "Trilogy", Jim Croce's "I Got a Name", and even The Village People. He performed live, singing back-up for many recording artists at concerts including: Lincoln Center (Olivia Newton-John), Carnegie Hall (Mary Travers), and Radio City Music Hall (The Grammy's with Kenny Loggins and Dion). Marty realized a life-long dream when he sang the part of "Diesel" in "West Side Story" for the PBS "Great Performances" Series (conducted by Leonard Bernstein). During the 1980's and 1990s Marty sang on more than 1000 radio and TV commercials. (He was heard many times as the solo voice of Heineken, MacDonalds, Coke, Pepsi, Folgers, General Tires and many more). Throughout his career, he continued to write songs, and continues to release selections via CD Baby. His first, "Your Love," is a love story put to music: Finding love, losing it, reclaiming it and celebrating it. The songs are intimate, timeless and real. These songs span a variety of musical styles and recording eras. As a true harmony junkie, Marty sings all the parts on all the cuts. From very "un-plugged" piano/vocal tracks to fully orchestrated productions, this album reflects his wide appreciation of all the musical influences in his life. From street corner Doo-wop to lush harmonic ballads to power pop, Marty allows the musical genre to dictate the framework of each track as his lyrics rise and ride to the poetic passion of the moment.

As a Jersey Shore kid, he was weaned on the beach-blanket transistor radio sounds of Cousin Brucie blending magically with the breaking surf and the distant Asbury Park boardwalk carousel calliope … truly a golden age of music and memories. Marty hopes you enjoy his work, and perhaps even drift into that special romantic memory locked inside.

His second release "Jersey Shore Local" is an edgier compilation of topical songs relating to his youth growing up at the New Jersey shore. This is quite different and often very pinted in its subjevt amtter.

His latest single release "Your Love is What I Need" is a fun Jazz song - a touch of "Fever" with a ton of scat.

Scat Seminars: Marty conducts "Scat" seminars for all levels of educational venues (Jr. High, High School, College and Adult Schools). He traces the origin of Scat by using generational archival videos and recordings of all forms of American Popular Music. He takes the students on a journey through time right back to the Field Hollers of the Black American slave generation in order to find the Blues roots of our musical heritage.  He then brings the students gradually back to the present, illuminating all the thematic and structural threads that bind our marvelous musical styles together. He ends the seminar with his much-loved interactive "Scat-tag". This seminar is both educational and very enjoyable for the students.

If your school or organization is interested in having Marty present his semimar at your venue, please email him: mnels199@att.net.