"Ain't Nothin' Sweeter Than Your Love"

Marty returns to his Manhattan Transfer jazz roots with this smooth classic vocal arrangement that features an explosive 3-part scat.  Available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/martynelson8

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"Freestyle - An American Dream"

2013 starts out with an indie rock release "Freestyle - An American Dream".   It is a tribute to the gut Amrican spirit of going out on your own to seek your dreams, despite risk and ridicule.

Youth's love of adventure is epitomized by motorcycles, and the song's online YOUTUBE video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-dsIR_ikdA  uses vintage photographs to illustrate the pioneering spirit of discovery in the fast lane.   Beautiful bikes loved and respected by their beautiful women and men riders - all traveling one way to an American Dream.

"Freestyle - An American Dream" is available at most online music sits, including cdbaby - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/martynelson7

"Freestyle - An American Dream" by Marty Nelson
Freestyle - An American Dream

"Count Yourself Lucky"

Latest release of original music - Americana/retro/pop-country/indie

available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/martynelson5

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Marty Nelson "Count Yourself Lucky" available online at cdbaby.com

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Paint Me

This album features a variety of composing styles- from Folk Americana to Retro Pop/Rock to Jazz. It is an intimate album of acoustic based music with the universal themes of life and love. Passionate, sensitive and personal (with a touch of fun).

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Your Love Is What I Need

This latest original jazz release by Marty (a founder of the original Manhattan Transfer) is a fun solo in the style of Peggy Lee’s “Fever” with a nice touch of original scat and a bit of Jersey Shore Springsteen growl

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Jersey Shore Local - 11:59 PM

"Jersey Shore Local" is a collection of music featuring Marty's commentary on American lifestyles and morays: 1. (1980's Style Rocker) "Benny, Bobby and Suzanne" is about a Jersey Shore love triangle during the 1980's. It features driving guitars and vocals. Jersey Shore Locals will know exactly the inference of the name "Benny" (think North Jersey down-for-the-dayers). 2. (Jersey Shore Country Style)"You Can't Go Home" is the story of teenage girl who becomes pregnant from a Jersey Shore summer romance and is forced to leave her parents' home to fend for herself. 3. (Classic R&B Dance Style) Real Love" was originally written for an R&B female soloist, but the original vocal by Marty Nelson remains. Even though the lyrics were written from a female perspective, it works well regardless of sexual persuasion. 4. (Orchestrated Epic Song) "Boy With A Gun" is a commentary on America's often tragic love affair with guns . . . their appeal, necessity and life-altering use. (From innocent childhood fascination to our nation's army of youth to our society's faceoff of law enforcers vs deviants). Buy "Jersey Shore Local" digital download at CD Baby

"Your Love"

This album is a love story put to music: Finding love, losing it, reclaiming it and celebrating it. The songs are intimate, timeless and real. These songs span a variety of musical styles and recording eras. As a true harmony junkie, Marty sings all the parts on all the cuts. From very "un-plugged" piano/vocal tracks to fully orchestrated productions, this album reflects his wide appreciation of all the musical influences in his life. From street corner Doo-wop to lush harmonic ballads to power pop, Marty allows the musical genre to dictate the framework of each track as his lyrics rise and ride to the poetic passion of the moment. As a Jersey Shore kid, he was weaned on the beach-blanket transistor radio sounds of Cousin Brucie blending magically with the breaking surf and the distant Asbury Park boardwalk carousel calliope … truly a golden age of music and memories. Marty hopes you enjoy his work, and perhaps even drift into that special romantic memory locked inside. Buy "Your Love" at CD BABY