"Jersey Shore Local 10:59 PM" Release

"Jersey Shore Local" is a collection of music featuring Marty's commentary on American lifestyles and morays: 1. (1980's Style Rocker) "Benny, Bobby and Suzanne" is about a Jersey Shore love triangle during the 1980's. It features driving guitars and vocals. Jersey Shore Locals will know exactly the inference of the name "Benny" (think North Jersey down-for-the-dayers). 2. (Jersey Shore Country Style)"You Can't Go Home" is the story of teenage girl who becomes pregnant from a Jersey Shore summer romance and is forced to leave her parents' home to fend for herself. 3. (Classic R&B Dance Style) Real Love" was originally written for an R&B female soloist, but the original vocal by Marty Nelson remains. Even though the lyrics were written from a female perspective, it works well regardless of sexual persuasion. 4. (Orchestrated Epic Song) "Boy With A Gun" is a commentary on America's often tragic love affair with guns . . . their appeal, necessity and life-altering use. (From innocent childhood fascination to our nation's army of youth to our society's faceoff of law enforcers vs deviants).

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