New Video for Christmas

Just posted on Youtube:

This video is a musical letter home from a serviceman or woman to their loved ones.

This first version includes images from the Dept of Defense website. Future versions will contain personal photos sent in from active servicemen and women. If

If you have a photo of yourself in uniform that you would like to have included in future versions of this video, please email it to It must be a photo only of you. (Please make it a small-sized JPEG file format).  IMPORTANT- You must include a statement in your email that you certify the photo is of you and that you give permission to Rise Tomorrow Publishing to use your picture in a future version of this video "Yes. I'll be Home for Christmas".
Without the permission statement, your photo will not be used.

If your photo is used, you will receive a return email giving you the version # of the video and the youtube url link to it - that way you can share it with your friends and family.
Note- please send photos that show you smiling.
Even if you may not be able to be home for the Christmas Holidays in person, consider this a way to send your loved ones a photo of yourself so that they can share your love and wishes for a safe and peaceful Christmas.

As the video states- God Bless All who serve and God Bless America.

The song "Yes. I'll be Home for Christmas" (written and performed by Marty Nelson) is from the CD "Count Yourself Lucky" available online at and

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