From the recording Just Look in My Eyes


Just Look in My Eyes
By Marty Nelson
Your hair is my silver. 
Your voice brings me to my knees.
Your moods are my addiction. 
Your kisses breathe life into me.
You say you’ve been places I wouldn’t like.
You say you’ve done things that you’re not proud of.
Just look in my eyes. I don’t care.
So, leave those troubles outside my door.
Lay those troubles down forever more.
‘Cause I don’t care.  No. I don’t care
Cause I’m just like you . . .
Two steel lives were rollin’ fast on a single track about to lose control.
What made you look back at me I’ll never know – perhaps fate just called us home.
You say you didn’t know how love would feel.
You say you didn’t know if you could do love right.
Just look in my eyes.
You do love right.
So, leave those doubts outside my door.
Lay those doubts down forever more.
Cause you do love just right.
Oh Yes you do . . .
Sweet rhythm.  Sweet whispers
So soft and warm.
Is this the rescue of my senses?
Wresting right from wrong?
I can’t wait ‘til morning, so I can wake up and see you by my side.
‘Cause, you see, my mind has played this trick before.  Please swear it’s not a dream this time.
In the early light I slowly turn my head
In the early light, I look. And what do I see?
You open your eyes and smile at me.
Oh, the trick was left outside my door.
I finally found my love, for evermore.
For evermore I will love you. .
For evermore.
Just look in my eyes.